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Who needs a TV receiver anyway?
Ever since the 1930s we have purchased and used standalone TV sets for entertainment and up to date information but now things are changing. We live in a world that is very different from what it was only a few years ago, a world where digital TV, Satellite TV, computers and the Internet are all around us. Today the computer is as common in the home as the TV set is. I know of many households that actually have more computers than they have TV sets.

Adult TV4PC

Create Your Own Super Adult Internet TV system and add sports, movies, TV episodes, and more!JohnQ TV, a software service that comes as package and with a small one-time fee, newbies get swift-easy access to unlimited free Internet entertainment on their computers. The software streamlines setting up and creating a computer Internet TV with all the links needed and software downloads to building an adult TV and video library--bigger than your local adult store.

Live Sports Online

The Secret To Getting Tons of Live Sports Online To Your PC Legally, Safely And Free, Whether At Home or On the Go!
Here's an easy-quick way how you can save time and money without paying high subscription fees for Satellite/Cable TV sports channels. Whether you are living with or without paid TV, you have another option to consider that will enhance more sports than you ever imagine.

Connecting Your PC to TV

How to Connect Your PC or MAC Laptop to Your Television using video/audio connector cable or wireless converter.

Home Entertainment:
How To Connect Your Laptop To Your Television

Find Wireless Video Display Adapter by AddLogix
Find Other Wireless Converters

PC Preparation Prior To Installing Satellite TV4PC Software

This guide relates to all Satellite TV4PC software products for purchase on this site, as well as other Satellite for PC software (TV player) not on this site. The same requirements are standard for all of them, no matter what brand name is used. This guide applies to, all Windows-based OS (operating systems). As for Linux and MAC OS, it’s best to contact the merchant with questions. The first thing for a Windows-based user to do is know his/her computer system. This will ensure your computer meets all system requirements.

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