Why Your PC May Be Your Best TV

There are several ways to watch online videos from the comfort of your living room couch. I've tested several over the past few months, including the Apple TV, Boxee for ATV, PlayOn for the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. In this final installment (for now, at least—you know how it goes with gadgets), I look at one of the most obvious ways to port online videos to the big screen. This may sound crazy, but I used—wait for it—a good ol' fashioned PC.

Satellite TV4PC Software For MAC User

As a MAC user, you probably already searched the Net and became very disappointed when seeing all of those top Satellite TV4PC packages not compatible to your computer. You found that most of them offering the fastest gateway to free exciting Internet media Worldwide are mainly for Window-based computers.

Satellite TV4PC Media Player Not Working

In rare cases, the merchant's TV player software may NOT work properly, if at all, after downloading it to a computer. The first thing to do is contact tech support and describe the problem. It can take 1 to 2 business days before receiving a response back. So in the mean time, you can try some things on your own. But before you continue with the tips and tweaks to resolve a problem, make absolutely sure your computer has met all the Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 95, 98, Me, Nt, 2000, or XP with service pack 2 or higher, or Windows Vista; 1 GHz processor (Intel Pentium II or AMD); 512 MB of RAM; 3 GB of free hard disk space; 16-bit sound card; Video card with 54 MB of RAM (video RAM or VRAM) and DirectX generation; Sound output internal speakers; Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or higher, or Netscape 7.1; Monitor Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution.

Guidelines To Download Satellite TV4PC Software

Before you download PC Satellite TV software, you should exercise caution as well as prepare yourself and computer. There are a few things you should keep in mind and do to safeguard your computer. It would be wise to download the free required software to see how they work with your computer, before actually buying the merchant’s product. There are several free software that PC merchants will throw in their packages (at no charge to you) in order for a Satellite TV to PC software to work.

Improve Your Satellite TV4PC Video Quality

Pixelfusion Stream+
Pixelfusion is a new technology that enhances digital video, and has taken over 5 years to develop to its current standard. From the start, it was designed so that it could be implemented in software and run in realtime on a home PC, but we also made sure that quality was a high priority.

How to Watch Satellite TV on a PC

Satellite TV is very popular now a days. Many people have High Definition TV's with satellite TV viewing capabilities. A new and emerging technology on the market is satellite TV on PC. This means that now you can watch satellite tv on PC, without all the dish and receiver set ups.

What is Satellite TV for PC?

dishes and high cable bills? Many online offers advertise special software for one low price of $39.95 US Dollars (USD) to $99.95, by which one can purportedly watch 3,000 – 4,000 channels, eliminating the need for monthly broadcast bills. The claim is that with Satellite TV to PC software, one only need install it, then watch TV on the PC, or stream it to a television, free. Unfortunately, the advertisements and claims are highly misleading, though like all successful scams, this one has an iota of truth.

There are basically two types of broadcast television: free to air and pay-for. Free to air broadcasts are normally limited to local broadcasts that anyone can pick up freely with a roof antenna. Prior to cable TV and satellite dishes, all television was free to air, everyone had roof antennas and no one paid for broadcasts. While this sounds great, there were also very few channels available. Cable brought consumers non-local networks creating a fatter channel lineup, better picture quality, and monthly bills, or pay-for TV.

With the advent of the Internet, many networks decided to make some of their free to air broadcasts available over the Internet as taped or live feeds. Most networks post tidbits of their daily live broadcasts as pre-recorded streaming videos; few if any networks stream entire 24/7 broadcasts live. The Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) makes many current and past documentaries available online, as another example of free TV content available.

Next we have pay-for stations like ESPN, Court TV and E! that might stream certain events live to the Internet, or make certain taped content available. However, pay-for networks do not stream their 24/7 broadcasts to the Internet. Streaming content is limited, and live streaming content is even more limited.

Finally we have premium channels like Home Box Office (HBO) and Showtime, which do not make their content available online except through certain promotions conducted from their own websites. For example, trailers for original series’ are typically available, and an opening season episode might be posted as a tool to encourage new subscribers, as in Fall 2007 when Showtime's website posted the second season premiere of Dexter.

So what does all this have to do with Satellite TV for PC? This software only provides links to websites that host TV content. Satellite TV for PC is not offering satellite or “live broadcast” TV like your cable or dish service, but online TV already available to anyone. Satellite TV for PC only loads a “remote control” interface that sits to the side of your screen. Clicking on a channel simply takes one to the network’s website. Satellite TV for PC software cannot replace free-to-air broadcast TV, much less cable or premium channels.

If this scam has a silver lining, it might be that the reaction to the Satellite TV for PC hustle has inadvertently shined a light on free websites that host links to television networks all over the world. Websites like WorldTVPC, InternetTV or WwiTV, link to online TV hosted internationally. Watch a daily newscast from Iraq, Italy, Croatia, or Egypt. Cruise the online TV universe all you want and hang on to that 50 bucks; it doesn’t cost a dime. Besides, you'll need it to pay your cable or dish bill.

Review of Satellite TV for PC 2009 Software

Satellite TV for PC 2009 is one of the best packages I have found. This site is offered at the best price and quality that I have seen. With over 3000 channels at a one time only fee of $49.95, is the cheapest for the best quality that I have yet to see for PC satellite TV.

Many PC satellite TV offers are not of the same quality as this one. I have been using it for several months. Had paid the original cost of $169.00 and still thought that was a great deal for getting PC Satellite TV.

Among the 3000 channels they offer from around the world, you can get sports from many different countries including the united sates and Europe. I found that once you install the software on your pc, it is very easy to use. You can easily browse through hundreds of channels from around the world. These channels include sports, new, movies, music, weather, kids channels, educational and more.

They give you so much to choose from sometimes it is hard to make a choice. When you get PC satellite TV on your computer you can do almost anything you want when it comes to PC satellite TV for entertainment and information.

The software package comes with an automatic membership to receive all the stations. PC satellite TV allows you to capture your channels from any location in the world. This makes it great when you download it to your laptop. As long as you have Internet access you can plug in and watch.

When it comes to PC satellite TV this one truly stands out from the rest. They offer a money back guarantee if your not satisfied. I rate this offer a perfect ten for PC satellite TV.

The Truth About Satellite TV for PC

Yes, Satellite on your PC is a "sort" of scam. Once you purchase the product, or have the knowledge of Satellite TV. You realize and know that for the 1 1/2 decade of Internet usage, there have always been Websites that offer FULL "FREE" Internet Video/Audio streaming broadcast. At Google.com or Yahoo.com you can see this always in action, both Video/Audio streaming "DOWNLOADING LIVE" Video/Audio channels, DO NOT fall in for the sort of "SCAM". You can simply use Google.com or Yahoo.com to search for your desired station Websites for "LIVE FREE" Video/Audio channels.

Remember sort of "SCAM". Why? This is because if you are sort of LAZY to find the CHANNELS that are approximately 3000 channels in the list of Broadcasters on Internet Sites, Website TV or Satellite Website searches for channels, then maybe you are willing to pay their $60.00 or even $80.00 Satellite Internet one time payment for their Software. Do all of you understand now, that you can, if you want, go to the various "Websites" that offer their "FREE" live Video/Audio streaming broadcasts for "FREE" as long as you pay for your Broadband Internet Connection. So, Laziness is what makes people pay the 1 time FEE for this service Software, Marketed as "FREE Satellite T.V. Channels"!! But remember these Software packages do the work for you, to get, the Websites to broadcast. Sure , you can do it yourself, but for that, you need to use a good Google.com Search Engine and know the name of the broadcast Website's name, so the Software does do this "automatically for you"!! It all depends on which angle you look at it. The Software, is it worth it on Media Player Windows or Real Player show, and let the Software, do what you can also do without the Software, if you know, which Websites, offer this Video/Audio streaming events. Remember, also if your Internet Connection is too slow, you can sometimes have the option of "DOWNLOADING & PLAYER file PLAYER for the Video/Audio file". Then play the Video/Audio file back from your "Hard-drive and play the Video/Audio file" with its respective extension file "PLAYER", Windows Media Player for example, or .FLV extension PLAYER and respective Players "DOWNLOADED" from Google.com Search Engine if you know the exact name of the Player extension you are searching for! It is all a matter of preference and "relative affair", when it comes to automatically search Software done by FREE Satellite Direct T.V. Software or manually by searching on www.Google.com or www.Yahoo.com to find the Video/Audio Websites that offer Video/Audio playback on Windows Media Player or Real Player, the file extension usually being MPEG or MPEG-2 entension , the same as DVD Video/Audio MPEG.ext file formats. I may be wrong here, but Blu-Ray or HD 1080interlace & progressive file extensions are MPEG-4 or AVCHD extension like on my Blu-Ray 1080 Progressive PANASONIC HD Video Camera.

So, keep on practicing this knowledge for now, happy Satellite Internet viewing and HD LIVE broadcast Video/Audio is also possible over the Internet Websites that offer these "DOWNLOAD" features. Stay tuned for future and present Websites offering various Video/Audio HD content!!

Watch Satellite TV on PC

Watch satellite TV on PC, TV or cable TV? This is a question of choice but not on equal grounds since each have its strengths and weaknesses. According to a national wide survey, an average American probably spends more than 16% of his time in an entire year watching TV. This translates to about two months in a year which is more than half the time we spend on sleeping. Another staggering fact is more than two-thirds of American homes own more than three TV sets. TV is part of American culture. Discover what the differences are to help you decide whether to watch satellite TV on PC, TV or cable TV.

What are some of the differences? Should you watch satellite TV on PC, TV or cable TV?

1. Locality and Accessibility

Cable TV tends to be well-received in built-up areas since it is not affected by terrains and weather. However, in places where cable technology has not reached, such as rural areas or some suburban districts, satellite TV is their choice. In fact, you can set up a satellite dish system to watch satellite TV on your TV from any part of the world so it has a worldwide appeal. Where you can have internet access, you can watch satellite TV on PC readily.

2. TV Reception

You should not have any problem to watch satellite TV channels with clarity as long as your satellite dish system is set up for clear line of sight with the satellites. High rise buildings are ideal places for such systems as the satellite has full view of the skies. Needless to say, cable TV is able to receive and display TV channel feeds with a certain degree of clarity. However, since the reception of satellite dish system depends on external conditions such as weather, it may be less reliable during different seasons of the year. Fortunately, you can overcome this if you watch satellite TV on PC. Watching PC satellite TV is not constrained by weather or nature elements since they receive their feeds via internet connections which is a highly reliable media portal.

3. Variety of TV Programs

Satellite TV is a clear winner in this. Since it is made to receive free-to-air broadcasts, you can practically watch any channel as long as your satellite dish system can cover it. Nowadays, you can even watch satellite TV on PC if you prefer not to touch a satellite dish. Even though cable TV has been working hard to secure more channels for their subscribers, it is still pretty self-limiting in the number of TV channels it can offer. With satellite TV, you get to watch worldwide TV channels from any country and in any language.

4. TV System Installation

When you watch satellite TV, there are in fact three options. Either you build your own satellite dish system to receive free-to-air broadcasts or you can take advantage of free equipment installation provided when you subscribe for monthly satellite TV program packages with the service providers. The third option which is a new one is to watch satellite TV on PC using software application and internet connection. This is simply the easiest way to watch satellite TV.

5. Pricing

Satellite TV has an unfair advantage over cable TV in this aspect. Cable TV providers have to pay heavier levies charged by the state governments since the infrastructural makeup is more complicated and intensive than satellite TV providers which are light in infrastructure. Capital costs for cable TV companies are higher and with the advent of digital TV becoming the next big thing, it is a matter of time when they have to upgrade those million miles of ground-embedded obsolete cables. This is why satellite TV providers are able to charge less for more. In fact, if you watch satellite TV on PC, you can do away with monthly subscriptions and expensive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) style dish systems since you only pay once for the PC satellite TV software.

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