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PC Satellite TV is usually just a form of software. The software is created to access different satellite signals from 3rd party participants. Its completely legal , as long as the software creator has permission from the original satellite companies. Thats how come there is a small fee for access, but that is also why the best PC TV software has the best selection of programming.

Choosing The Right Program
Many companies offer everything from 6,000 channels to free pay-per-view movies. Now, thats usually not possible, legally, but PC Satellite TV is a pretty competitive market. So even if a company can provide 6,000 channels, there usually just duplicates,or just alot of subpar programming that wastes space. Here are some good things to look for if you are interested in watching tv on your pc.

Solid Background
A legit company will have a longer history of providing pc tv services. If a company has been around for 3-5 years, you can feel safe that they will deliver a quality product. They will provide you with honest details and information regarding their software. Usually you can tell that a software company is relatively new just by the way the site looks or the lack of proper information on the site. Try to avoid sites that offer unbelievable promises as well.

Money Back Guarantee
Never buy a PC Satellite TV software from a site that does not offer a money back guarantee, Preferably a standard 60 day guarantee. That will provide you with ample time to decide if the software is what you are looking for. A good company will offer guarantees if they feel they are offering quality programming options.

Awards and Sponsors
The best sites will be backed by top software sites and companies. You will see "tags", or badges , that display names of some highly recommended companies, like "AOL", "Tucow", "and "Cnet". They will never back a site that could ruin there reputation, by offering and selling bad products. Those are the best signs that you are in the right place.

High Quality Interface and Media Player
Sometimes, the one thing that can separate 2 very good software sites, is the type of Media player and interface, that the software provided. Top pc satellite tv companies offer media players that provide you with categorical based search listings. That means that you can search for programming by unique categories. Many pc tv softwares leave it up to the user to perform endless searches through 1,000's of randomly listed channels. If you have ever tried to find a file , amongst 1,000's of other files, you know how difficult it can be to have any success.

The best way to watch tv on your pc is to use software that provides you with the easiest formatting available. With so many channels, it can be overwhelming if you are left with substandard software. I know it might seem like alot, but once you see a site that follows these criteria, you will know why its important to stick to these guidelines. You will find out why so many have made watching tv on the pc , one of the most downloaded software programs on the internet.

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