DivX TV Enter The Internet TV Market

Divx, most famous as a good quality movie streams player usually aquired from dubious sources are releasing an internet tv software player. The digital media company announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that the player called ‘DivX TV’ will offer access to online media content streamed directly to any connected hardware.

The DivX TV platform will not require you to have a PC or even set-top box to watch, it can make use of any connected device such as internet enabled televisions, blu-ray players, games consoles amongst the vast range of internet connected devices available.

Kevin Hell, CEO of DivX commented:- “DivX TV revolutionizes the television experience by giving consumers quick and easy access to a virtually limitless universe of online content, and it’s as simple to operate as changing channels with a remote control.”

“Our partners will also be pleased to know that DivX TV is designed specifically to work with today’s mass market consumer electronics. It’s easy to implement and support and new content sources can be added with very little effort.”

LG Electronics are the first company licensed to manufacture DivX TV into its hardware such as Blu-ray players. DivX TV content will include over 70 channels such as online video, movies, music channels, social networking and photo sharing sites. Premium movies and television shows. Providers include Associated Press, Revision 3, TED, CNET, DailyMotion, Rhapsody, Picasa, Twitter and many more, with a number of additional content partners expected to sign on.

The content will of course permeate every new internet connected tv platform and a lot depends on which hardware takes off coupled with the most user friendly interface. Visit the Divx Site for more info – http://www.divx.com/en/electronics/divx-tv

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