The Truth About Satellite TV for PC

Yes, Satellite on your PC is a "sort" of scam. Once you purchase the product, or have the knowledge of Satellite TV. You realize and know that for the 1 1/2 decade of Internet usage, there have always been Websites that offer FULL "FREE" Internet Video/Audio streaming broadcast. At or you can see this always in action, both Video/Audio streaming "DOWNLOADING LIVE" Video/Audio channels, DO NOT fall in for the sort of "SCAM". You can simply use or to search for your desired station Websites for "LIVE FREE" Video/Audio channels.

Remember sort of "SCAM". Why? This is because if you are sort of LAZY to find the CHANNELS that are approximately 3000 channels in the list of Broadcasters on Internet Sites, Website TV or Satellite Website searches for channels, then maybe you are willing to pay their $60.00 or even $80.00 Satellite Internet one time payment for their Software. Do all of you understand now, that you can, if you want, go to the various "Websites" that offer their "FREE" live Video/Audio streaming broadcasts for "FREE" as long as you pay for your Broadband Internet Connection. So, Laziness is what makes people pay the 1 time FEE for this service Software, Marketed as "FREE Satellite T.V. Channels"!! But remember these Software packages do the work for you, to get, the Websites to broadcast. Sure , you can do it yourself, but for that, you need to use a good Search Engine and know the name of the broadcast Website's name, so the Software does do this "automatically for you"!! It all depends on which angle you look at it. The Software, is it worth it on Media Player Windows or Real Player show, and let the Software, do what you can also do without the Software, if you know, which Websites, offer this Video/Audio streaming events. Remember, also if your Internet Connection is too slow, you can sometimes have the option of "DOWNLOADING & PLAYER file PLAYER for the Video/Audio file". Then play the Video/Audio file back from your "Hard-drive and play the Video/Audio file" with its respective extension file "PLAYER", Windows Media Player for example, or .FLV extension PLAYER and respective Players "DOWNLOADED" from Search Engine if you know the exact name of the Player extension you are searching for! It is all a matter of preference and "relative affair", when it comes to automatically search Software done by FREE Satellite Direct T.V. Software or manually by searching on or to find the Video/Audio Websites that offer Video/Audio playback on Windows Media Player or Real Player, the file extension usually being MPEG or MPEG-2 entension , the same as DVD Video/Audio MPEG.ext file formats. I may be wrong here, but Blu-Ray or HD 1080interlace & progressive file extensions are MPEG-4 or AVCHD extension like on my Blu-Ray 1080 Progressive PANASONIC HD Video Camera.

So, keep on practicing this knowledge for now, happy Satellite Internet viewing and HD LIVE broadcast Video/Audio is also possible over the Internet Websites that offer these "DOWNLOAD" features. Stay tuned for future and present Websites offering various Video/Audio HD content!!

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