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As a MAC user, you probably already searched the Net and became very disappointed when seeing all of those top Satellite TV4PC packages not compatible to your computer. You found that most of them offering the fastest gateway to free exciting Internet media Worldwide are mainly for Window-based computers.

Top software packages such as Satellite TV for PC Elite and others like them can't be installed because they are not standalone software. They rely heavily on independent licensed software such as Windows Media Player and RealPlayer, in order for them to work. This is why you can't install a Satellite TV4PC software for Windows and Vista PCs.

However, this is not the end of the World. In fact, you have a tremendous advantage that you probably didn't know about. There is a way for you to install any Windows-based application including Satellite TV4PC software of your choice on your MAC computer. And it will work beyond your imagination. The VMware Fusion 3 offers this window of glory that any MAC user will surely love.

One of the leaders in desktop virtualization is the VMware Fusion 3 that offers the best way to run any Windows application on a MAC computer.

This software will let you launch your Windows applications including any Windows-based Satellite TV4PC software from the Dock, and switch between Windows and MAC applications using Exposé. As the industry’s most exceptional virtualization technology, VMware Fusion can integrate all hardware available on your MAC while running 32- and 64-bit OS simultaneously, two different processors, select 3D games, and utilize USB 2.0 devices.

If you want to run any Windows applications or any Windows PC Satellite TV software, the Vmware 3 quickly lets you switch back and forth easily while sharing data between MAC and Windows. And best of all, you don’t need to reboot your computer. Features include customizable toolbars, easy to mange virtual machine packages, and plenty more.

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The VMware Fusion 3 works so well that you can run any Windows applications just like MAC applications. You don’t need to buy a Windows-based computer. Just run both your MAC and Windows OS using your MAC computer. Use the VMware Launch Palette or Spotlight and they will launch your Windows applications. You can switch between any Windows and MAC quickly when using the Exposé feature, while keeping all your favorite application in the Dock. Then bring forward the application that you prefer using the MAC keyboard shortcuts you are most familiar with.

One feature lets you turn back time on your PC - capture and save the exact state of your computer when using the VMware Fusion innovative Snapshot.

Using the VMware Fusion lets you get the most out of your MAC hardware, by taking full advantage of your MAC’s processor maximum flexibility. It allows you to run 64-bit OS such as Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition or leverage Virtual SMP for creating and running multi-processor virtual machines. With the cutting-edge 3D technology, you can play select DirectX 8.1 games on your MAC computer also.

In addition, you get the full read/write support for CDs and DVDs as well as complete USB 2.0 support. This also includes video cameras, blue tooth, and other Windows peripheral devices.

VMware Fusion 3 can run multiple operating systems with extreme ease. You can easily use UNIX-base OS like Linux and Solaris along side Windows and MAC OS X, with ease of use and simplicity you have grown to love and expect from your MAC. The copy/paste feature makes this all childsplay when navigating the VMware Fusion 3. Simply drag and drop files from your MAC desktop/laptop to Linux or Solaris.

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